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The greenyGARDEN ensures that organic vegetables such as lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and much more land freshly harvested on your plate all year round! Regardless of the season and location, the greenyGARDEN makes it easy for you to grow nutritious and healthy vegetables. In addition, our greenyGARDEN saves around 95% water and 60 square meters of farmland.

Healthy, sustainable and everything from one (your) source.

From seed to full-grown plant.
YOU decide what you sow and what you eat.

The gardener
of your life!

Few of us have the luxury of our own garden in which to grow fresh and organic vegetables. And those who can afford that luxury know that growing healthy plants takes a lot of work and knowledge. \

The greenyGARDEN now puts an end to it! Thanks to its vertical and minimalist design, the greenyGARDEN also fits on a small balcony or in a city flat. With the help of sophisticated electronics, the finest sensors and our „greeny+“ app, it is child’s play to grow, care for and harvest nutrient-rich vegetables and tasty herbs.

The integrated and worldwide unique grow drawer gives you the opportunity to accompany your plants from the seed to the fully grown plant.

Because you decide what you sow and what you eat - be the gardener of your life!

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We offer you various ways to stay up to date. Here you will always find out the latest about greenyGARDEN, your options as a sales partner or future neighborhood factory owner.

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Neighborhood Manufactory


Not only the greenyGARDEN is characterised by green and sustainable thinking, the production of our products is also unique in the world. For the first time ever, a plant growth system will be locally produced in small neighborhood manufactories.

“Made in China“ or „Made in Germany“ was yesterday. The social, environmentally friendly production of the future is called „made@home“ by greeny+ partners. Maybe your neighbor will soon be producing the greenyGARDEN at home with his 3D printer..

3D printers are taking the world by storm at the moment and will revolutionise industrial production. In the future, many goods such as shoes, engines, spare parts and even houses will be produced in 3D printing systems. Greeny+ is already sharing this with anyone who wants to and produces the plant growth system of the future locally and sustainably - the greenyGARDEN

The greenyGARDEN has been developed with passion, without putting the commercial aspect in the foreground.

Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come!

For many years we have believed that we can get fresh vegetables from the refrigerated section or the vegetable section in the supermarket. But if you take a closer look, you will find that almost everything we consume today is artificially matured and kept fresh for days, often even weeks. The routes from the producer - the farmer - to our fridge are now long and regulated by many laws. \n

So why don’t we go „back to the roots“ and start growing some of our own food again?

For the first time, a team of dedicated scientists, technicians and experienced botanists have succeeded in developing a plant growth system that is revolutionising the home growing market.

The greenyGARDEN is designed to make it possible for everyone to have their own garden at home - right next to the fridge, on the balcony or in the kitchen.

There, the greenyGARDEN produces local, fresh and unalterated vegetables. Juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, fresh salads and fragrant herbs as well as sweet strawberries can be grown all year round! You only harvest what you want to put on your plate. No throwing away too many bought vegetables. No long delivery routes and regulations. No use of pesticides or other chemical additives.

Instead, sustainable, fresh vegetables, behind which lies the passion for the essentials.

Your green future.

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